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HeliVideo Productions provides low-altitude aerial cinematography for film, television and web.

Using the latest radio-controlled equipment and camera technology, we are able to give clients stunning overhead shots not easily achieved by any other method. Recent clients include:
helicam, rc helicopter video, rc helicopter filming



RC aerials, RC helicopter video, RC helicopter filming, RC aerial videography

Heli Video Productions offers clients high quality rc aerial video.

Our RC helicopter technology makes intimate, low-altitude aerials for film, television and web attainable…


Cut the leash on the camera.

Bridge the gap between a jib and a full sized helicopter.

Get the shot in a fast, flexible, clean, affordable way. 


We have a variety of remote controlled helicopter platforms, each equipped with:

  • gyro-stabilization,
  • moveable camera mounts
  • and live video downlink.

HeliVideo currently flies the Sony FS100 s35 Digital.

We will soon be offering Red’s Epic and the new Sony FS 700.


  • Screen Shot 2012-06-11 at 1.13.44 PM TMobile Olympic Spot w/ Javier Culson
  • MV5BMjI2MDc0MDQwN15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMjczNTk1Nw@@._V1._SX500_SY329_ ABC –  ”The River”
  • Screen Shot 2012-04-05 at 10.56.23 PM Fuel TV – Camp Woodward
  • rc aerials, rc helicopter video, rc aerial video Frisk NEO
  • rc aerials, rc video, rc cinematography, rc imaging Valley View Casino
  • Puerto rico Puerto Rico Tourism
  • RC Aerials of Moki Dugway for Discovery's Hell Roads Discovery Channel –  ”Hell Roads”
  • rc aerials, rc videography, rc cinematography Discovery Channel – Hell Roads, Bolivia
  • rc aerials, rc helicam, rc aerial imaging Six Flags, Texas
  • rc aerials, rc video, RC cinematography, rc imaging Discovery HD – Mary Hills Loop
  • rc aerials, rc imaging, rc helicopter video, rc cinematography, rc videography
  • Screen Shot 2012-04-05 at 10.40.01 PM JW Marriott Commercial
  • rc aerials, rc video, rc cinematography, rc filming Tru TV- Ma’s Roadhouse
  • rc aerials, rc video, rc filming, rc imaging, rc cinematography History Channel – Sliced
  • rc aerials, rc cinematography, rc video, rc imaging, rc filming I Melt With You
  • rc aerials, rc cinematographer, rc imaging, rc video, rc cinematography The Daily Drone – Flooding in MO
  • rc aerials, rc cinematography, rc video, rc aerial video, rc imaging CBS 48 Hours – Private Needham’s War
  • Screen Shot 2012-04-12 at 11.56.29 AM CBS 48 Hours – Railway Killer
  • rc aerials, helivideo, rc helicopter, rc filming, rc imaging, rc cinematography Cooper and the Castle Hills Gang
  • Screen Shot 2012-04-11 at 8.24.39 PM Harris UAV In-House Video
  • Screen Shot 2012-04-12 at 2.27.30 PM Mahindra Tractors
  • RC aerials, aerial video, RC cinematography Batelco Infinity
  • rc aerials, rc helicopter video, rc cinematography, rc imaging University of Florida
  • rc aerials, rc video, rc Cinematography, rc filming Space Center Houston
  • Shock Top Beer Shock Top Beer
  • rc aerials, rc video, rc filming Nike Cross Nationals
  • rc aerials, rc cinematography, rc video, rc filming, rc imaging Zondervan – The Story
  • rc aerial imaging, rc helicam, rc aerial video Harris Haptic Robot
  • rc aerials for film “The Last Trip”


T-Mobile ...

  • 26 May 12
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Here’s a behind the scenes look at our work with T-Mobile and Olympic runner Javier Culson in Puerto Rico. The HeliVideo team shows up at 1:38. Our helicam pilot and aerial camera operator worked from the back of a van so that they could get controlled shots of Javier running through San Juan. Our team was also tasked with getting Javier’s POV as he races toward the 2012 Olympics. Take a look at the finished piece below:

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Camp Woodward ...

  • 13 Apr 12
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This was our second season filming the action at Camp Woodward for the Fuel TV team. Capturing all the crazy skateboard, bmx, surfing action from above is a whole lot of fun. Take a look at this little behind the scenes spot featuring HeliVideo’s aerial cinematographer, Eric Austin. You’ll see lots of great rc aerials and an up close view of the rc helicam doing what it does best – getting those great low-altitude aerial video shots.

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Frisk NEO

  • 13 Feb 12
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One of the most challenging jobs we have ever done. Location was in the Port of Incheon, Korea. Temps were in the -20 range. But no matter the conditions, when Alex and Steffen of are the directors, we are there with the RC aerial cam. The job was for us to get the night time aerials that would allow Alex and Steffen to work their magic and bring the Frisk NEO bot to life. This commercial will air in Japan.

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Puerto Rico ...

  • 05 Dec 11
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Here’s a little behind the scenes look at our RC helicopter aerial video set up in action. This was a quick edit of a a day spent in the Puerto Rican rain forest filing a commercial for the board of tourism. Special thanks to Ellen Gorden of of Ocarina films, and all the folks of Good PR for including us in this project! This footage shows the beauty of the RC helicam set up. An RC helicopter can get aerial video that is truly unique. We can get those low altitude shots in tight, out of the way places that would be impossible, dangerous or just prohibitively expensive with cranes or full sized helicopters.

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  • 03 Dec 11
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rc aerials, rc video, rc cinematography, rc filming

Some of the most beautiful scenery we’ve ever seen, and some of the most hospitable people on the planet are found in Bolivia. We were there filming the “Road of Death” for Discovery Channels upcoming show, “Hell Roads.” This show will feature some of the most dangerous roads on earth. This is a perfect application for HeliVideo’s rc aerials. The weather and the rough terrain would have made it impossible to highlight the gorgeous aerial view of the “Road of Death” in any other way.

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Hell Freezes ...

  • 06 Nov 11
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Moki Dugway

Arguably the most dangerous stretch of road in America, Utah’s Moki Dugway was our latest stop for the Discovery Channels “Hell Roads” shoot. This stretch of road serves up an explosive cocktail – 2 parts icy conditions, to 1 part nasty hairpin turns. Our RC Aerial platform is ideally suited to getting the shots for this show. Despite the unpredictable weather and the rough terrain, our rc helicopters were able to get  low altitude aerials that really show the Moki Dugway in all it’s spine tingling glory. This is RC aerial video at its best!

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Valley View ...

  • 10 Oct 11
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We were asked to fly over to Southern California to grab some rc aerials for the area’s “favorite casino hotel,” Valley View Casino. This was another great application for the rc helicam. We got some nice low-altitude shots of the pool and the guests enjoying their balconies. Take a look at the final 30 second commercial spot.

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University of ...

  • 02 Aug 11
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Screen Shot 2012-04-12 at 5.31.59 PM

HeliVideo was feeling the Gator spirit this week! We spent a couple of days getting some great RC aerials of the campus for an upcoming commercial. Go Gators!

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Harris UAV ...

  • 13 Jun 11
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HeliVideo partnered with Coalter Digital on this shoot for an in-house promo video for Harris UAV. It’s designed to showcase some of the coming applications for unmanned aerial systems. Who do you call when you want to showcase the power of remote-controlled systems? HeliVideo. We were able to lend the rc aerial imaging for this shoot, and then Coalter Digital worked their magic. Check out the finished product above, and the behind the scenes action below.

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Space Center ...

  • 13 Jun 11
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rc aerials, rc aerial video, rc cinematography, rc helicopter filming

Who does NASA call when they need stunning aerial footage? HeliVideo! We got an inside look at the Houston Space Center when we spent the day there  filming for an upcoming commercial. We used our RC aerial helicopter platform indoors today – - getting tight, intimate aerials of the museum, huge playscape and this Apollo rocket.

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